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P2O5 - Vivat Progressio Pereat Mundus

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P2O5 - Vivat Progressio Pereat Mundus
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P2O5 - Vivat Progressio Pereat Mundus

170 DKK
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Founded in Wendelstein near Nuremberg in 1970, their sole LP saw a release only in 1978
on the collectable Brutkasten label. Long before the band "KISS" became famous in
Europe, these guys were delivering quite unique live shows with pyrotechnics, burning
torches and fog in a sinister decor with their faces painted very much like KISS did. The
music is leaning between a progressive and mystical edge close to Pink Floyd and the
harder raw and darker side of Black Sabbath and Paternoster, fully sung in English. Here’s a
fully licensed official release, faithful to the rare original LP. For fans of Black Sabbath,
Paternoster, Lava, UFO.

Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl!

Label: Golden Pavilion