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Manes - Slow Motion Death Sequence

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Manes was founded in Norway in 1992. Originally their style and genre was raw Black Metal, but through the years they have transformed and re-invented themselves into avantgarde rock, electronica and even triphop! Slow Motion Death Sequence is their latest attempt not to limit their releases to "musical borders" and has made one hell of an album!

Multiple reviews marks Manes 5th studio-album to be among the best of 2018:

"Wow! Just… wow!

This is an album that I have come back to again and again. Surely it can’t be that good, can it? And then I listen and I hear something new, and it tightens its grip around my heart. I love this album.

This is a strong contender for my album of the year—seriously, nothing has come close to the beauty and delicacy, its power and emotion.

It’s full marks from me for this one."

Review score: 100%

Gareth J M Saunders - 12th october 2018 -

(Full review:

Limited 2nd press comes in beautiful gatefoldcover, contains A2 poster, printed innersleeve and yellow/black record!

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